Friday, March 15, 2013

Colours - a few lines in hindi

Rangon Ka Mel

I am writing these short rhymes about colours in hindi.
Parents can use these for any stage performance, by dressing up the kids with any colour they choose . Kids can also hold a prop of that colour. For example, the child can hold a red rose for red colour.

Laal (Red) -
Laal mera rang hai,
Mere haath mein laal gulaab hai
Josh ho ya pyaar, laal uskaa rang hai.

Hara (Green) -
Hara mera rang hai,
Hare paththe sansaar ke achche,
Ped Poudhe barsaath ke liye achche,
Ghar mein ped lagaaye achche bachche.

Peela (Yellow) -
Surya ke rang mera rang  hai,
Peela nargis athi sundhar,
Peele rang se sukh aur chamak prasthuth hota hai.

Neela (Blue) -
Mera rang neela hai,
Neele aasmaan ho ya neel samundhar,
hain dekhne ko athi sundhar .

Safed (White) -
Safed mera rang hai,
Safed pavithratha ko dhikhaatha hai,
Safed baraf se anek roop bana sakthe hain.

Naarangi (Orange) -
Mera rang naarangi hai,
Naarangi Thej ka rang hai,
Naarangi Santhra athi swadhisht hota hai.

Bainganee (Purple) -
Mera rang hai Bainganee
Baingan sabzi hai bainganee
Laal aur Neela se bantha hai bainganee rang.

Gulabee (Pink) -
Meri Gulabi rang dekho,
Nanhe bachchon ke gaal,
Gulabee rang ke gulaab ,
Dhonon Kithne pyaare hain !

Sunaharaa (Golden)  -
Mera rang sunaharaa hai,
Sone ke gahane hain sunahare
Sundar lagthe hum jab use pahanthen.

Chaandhi (Silver) -
Chaandhi mera rang hai,
Meri Paayal chaandhi ki hai
Nanhe bachchon ke pair mein lagathe hain achche

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Camlin and Colly - Always Inform Parents (Parenting)

Camlin and Colly

In a forest there lived a mother deer and its fawn. Mother and the baby were living peacefully in the forest , with their herd. The baby Camlin had a friend named Colly.

Camlin and Colly played many games like, chasing and catching each other,
jumping over the rocks, running race, etc.

One sunny day, mother deer was drinking water in the stream . Colly called Camlin to play with him. Without asking permission from his mother, Camlin went right away with Colly.

They played for a long time in the woods and had a lot of fun. Camlin's mother and Colly's mother went in search of their fawns.

Until dawn,they could not find the fawns and they got tensed . They decided to
go back to the lake, because the fawns might return to the lake in search of their

Meanwhile, Colly and Camlin could not find their way back . They got lost. But Camlin thought of an idea. Since it was still dawn, there was little  light, because of which, they could find their footprints and  found their way back to the lake.

At the lake, the mothers and the fawns were happy to see each other.

Camlin and Colly learned a lesson that they should inform their mothers before going anywhere and get their permission.