Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phal - Fruits - a few lines

Here are a few lines about fruits in hindi , meaning in English.
The lines are perfect for kids to learn with fun . It also explains the
goodness of fruits.

Phal  (Fruits)

Phal sehath ke liye achchaa hota hai
(Fruits are good for health)

Phal anek prakaar ke hote hein
(fruits are of different kinds)

Aam, Angoor, Anaar, Kela,
Tarbooj, Santhraa, Aadoo, Seb
sab hein phal albela
(Mango, Grapes, Pomogrante, Banana,
Watermelon, Orange, Peach, Apple
are all yummy fruits)

Phalon ke bahuth achche gun hein
(Fruits have many good qualities)

Seb ko roj khaaoge tho doctorji ko bhagaaoge !
(If you eat apple everyday, you can chase away doctors)

Aam phalon ka raja hai
Maa uskaa halwaa banathee hai
(mango is king of fruits
mummy makes mango halwa )

Anek dhaanon ka bhandaar, hai anaar
(a bundle of seeds is pomogranate)

Baahar se vo kaantedhaar,  andhar se vo meetthe hotha hai anaannas
(Pricky from the outside and yummy from the inside, yes, it is pineapple)

In saare phalon ko kaatkar, mazedaar ras banaakar peeyo bachchon !
(cut  all these fruits and make yummy juice and drink kids !)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fruit Rhymes in English and Hindi

Here are some Fruit Rhymes in English and Hindi. Parents can use these for kids stage performances.
You can dress up kids like these fruits and make them sing on stage. Please post your comments , after you use them, I will be happy to know about it .

Apples are Red,
they are good for your heart
and keeps you healthy.

Seb - (hindi)
Seb danthon ke liye hain achche,
Jo bache use roj khaate hein,
doctorji ko bhagathe hein !

Mango -
Mango is the king of fruits,
Available in many colours,
Mom makes halwa out of it,
Eat and see, it will be yummy.

Aam - (hindi)
Aam hai, phalon ka raja,
Anek rangon me yeh milthaa!
iski maa banaathi hai halwaa,
chakke dekho tho aayega maza !

Grapes are green and purple
Grapes come with seeds and are also seedless
Eat grapes and get your vitamins!

Angoor -
Ang se hota hai angoor,
Hare ho ya bainganee,
Taaza ho ya sookhaa,
Hote hain bade yummyyyy... !

Pomegranate -

Pomegranate dressed in Red,
With  lots of seeds inside,
If eaten fresh,
Is good for health.

Anaar (hindi)-
A se hota hai anaar,
uske karo tukde chaar,
ek tukde mein daane anek,
papa ,mama ,didi aur baby sabko ek.

Banana -
Bananas come in different colours and kinds,
In green , red, yellow,
Good for babies as well as adults.

Kela -
Peele rang ke kele khaao,
chote bachche ko bhi khilao,
aur sab  bano thandhurusth.

Pineapple -
The name rhymes with apple,
It looks thorny on the outside
Sweet from the inside
and good for your eyesight.

Anannaas (hindi)

Baahar se vo kaantedhaar hain ,
andhar se vo meetthee hain,
kya aap sab jaanthe hain?
anannas aankhon ke liye acche hain !

Oranges -
Oranges are orange in colour,
fully loaded with Vitamin C,
chases away cold and cough,
for a healthy snack, Orange is enough!

Santhara -
Santhra hai naarangi,
dushman hai vo sardhi ki,
door bhaage khhansi,
bachche rahen thandrusth.

Cut all the fruits into pieces,
Put it in the mixer,
Add some sugar,
Or some honey,
The fruit juice is yummy !

Maharaj -
Sab phalon ko kaato,
mixie me daalo,
shehedh ya shakkar daalo,
sab bachchon ko pilaao!

Cup of Juice -
Fruit Juice is healthy,
Builds up kids healthy body,
Gives them lot of energy ,
Kids will drink within a wink !

Ras ka Pyaala -
Sab phalon ka ras piyo,
Thandrusth ban jaao,
sab bachchon ko yeh achchaa lage,
jhut se voh ras ko pee jaaye !