Monday, December 31, 2012

Land Of Special Bakery

In the Land of  Bakery, there lived cakes, cupcakes, loaves of bread, muffins, and many more..

One day, the cake, cupcake, bread and muffin went to the baker and started quarelling. The baker asked them why they were fighting and asked to give
their reasons one by one.

First came the Cake. It said, " I am always baked as a plain cake. So , kids don't
find me interesting to see and eat. I want to be special ", the Cake said.

The baker told the cake that he will decorate the cake with icing and sprinkles
and said that now the kids would love to eat cakes at birthday parties. So, the Birthday cake would be special.  The cake was happy.

Next came the cupcake. It said, " because I am small and tiny, nobody thinks
I will be yummy to eat. How could I be special ?"

The  baker said, he will decorate the cupcake too with colourful icing  with
cherry or strawberry on top.
Since the  kids cannot cut a cake at school and celebrate their birthdays, they will prefer cupcakes. Now , the cupcake felt very special and happy.

Next came the Bread Loaf and the complaint was, " if kids liked cake and cupcake, who would like me ???"

The baker had a special answer to this question. He said he would ask his
friend to make special fruit jellies, chocolate spread, etc. . Kids can use these
jellies to spread on bread slices. The bread loaf was very happy.
 Lastly, the muffin said, "I am not colourful and attractive like cake, cupcake,
and bread loaf. Then how will everybody like to eat me ?"

The baker said, even if the muffin is not attractive to look, it will be a choice for kids, who are allergic to milk products, which is used to make icing. So, he will make fill the muffins with blueberries, chocolate chips, etc. So, muffins will
become a healthy choice. Kids can eat them everyday for breakfast. The muffin was also very happy.

The baker changed the name  "The Land of Bakery" to "Land of Special Bakery".

Friday, December 21, 2012

Chick or No Chick

Chick or No Chick

In a barn, there lived a rooster and chicken.One day, the chicken laid an egg. It sat on the egg for days together.Even after many days , the egg did not hatch.

So, the chicken and the rooster decided to crack open the egg.The rooster poked the egg with its sharp beak.But even then no chick came out of the egg.

So, both of them broke the egg and to their astonishment, found that
the egg had no chick in it. They were very sad.

Then after some days, the hen again laid egg, this time 2 eggs.
She sat on both the eggs hoping that atleast this time, chicks will hatch out of the eggs.

Finally, one morning, rooster and the hen heard something from the egg.
First , some poking sound came. the n came out a tiny claw. then the chicks came out of the cracked eggs. They were all sticky - icky. The hen cleaned them well and fed them.

All four of the rooster and hen family lived happily together everafter.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phal - Fruits - a few lines

Here are a few lines about fruits in hindi , meaning in English.
The lines are perfect for kids to learn with fun . It also explains the
goodness of fruits.

Phal  (Fruits)

Phal sehath ke liye achchaa hota hai
(Fruits are good for health)

Phal anek prakaar ke hote hein
(fruits are of different kinds)

Aam, Angoor, Anaar, Kela,
Tarbooj, Santhraa, Aadoo, Seb
sab hein phal albela
(Mango, Grapes, Pomogrante, Banana,
Watermelon, Orange, Peach, Apple
are all yummy fruits)

Phalon ke bahuth achche gun hein
(Fruits have many good qualities)

Seb ko roj khaaoge tho doctorji ko bhagaaoge !
(If you eat apple everyday, you can chase away doctors)

Aam phalon ka raja hai
Maa uskaa halwaa banathee hai
(mango is king of fruits
mummy makes mango halwa )

Anek dhaanon ka bhandaar, hai anaar
(a bundle of seeds is pomogranate)

Baahar se vo kaantedhaar,  andhar se vo meetthe hotha hai anaannas
(Pricky from the outside and yummy from the inside, yes, it is pineapple)

In saare phalon ko kaatkar, mazedaar ras banaakar peeyo bachchon !
(cut  all these fruits and make yummy juice and drink kids !)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fruit Rhymes in English and Hindi

Here are some Fruit Rhymes in English and Hindi. Parents can use these for kids stage performances.
You can dress up kids like these fruits and make them sing on stage. Please post your comments , after you use them, I will be happy to know about it .

Apples are Red,
they are good for your heart
and keeps you healthy.

Seb - (hindi)
Seb danthon ke liye hain achche,
Jo bache use roj khaate hein,
doctorji ko bhagathe hein !

Mango -
Mango is the king of fruits,
Available in many colours,
Mom makes halwa out of it,
Eat and see, it will be yummy.

Aam - (hindi)
Aam hai, phalon ka raja,
Anek rangon me yeh milthaa!
iski maa banaathi hai halwaa,
chakke dekho tho aayega maza !

Grapes are green and purple
Grapes come with seeds and are also seedless
Eat grapes and get your vitamins!

Angoor -
Ang se hota hai angoor,
Hare ho ya bainganee,
Taaza ho ya sookhaa,
Hote hain bade yummyyyy... !

Pomegranate -

Pomegranate dressed in Red,
With  lots of seeds inside,
If eaten fresh,
Is good for health.

Anaar (hindi)-
A se hota hai anaar,
uske karo tukde chaar,
ek tukde mein daane anek,
papa ,mama ,didi aur baby sabko ek.

Banana -
Bananas come in different colours and kinds,
In green , red, yellow,
Good for babies as well as adults.

Kela -
Peele rang ke kele khaao,
chote bachche ko bhi khilao,
aur sab  bano thandhurusth.

Pineapple -
The name rhymes with apple,
It looks thorny on the outside
Sweet from the inside
and good for your eyesight.

Anannaas (hindi)

Baahar se vo kaantedhaar hain ,
andhar se vo meetthee hain,
kya aap sab jaanthe hain?
anannas aankhon ke liye acche hain !

Oranges -
Oranges are orange in colour,
fully loaded with Vitamin C,
chases away cold and cough,
for a healthy snack, Orange is enough!

Santhara -
Santhra hai naarangi,
dushman hai vo sardhi ki,
door bhaage khhansi,
bachche rahen thandrusth.

Cut all the fruits into pieces,
Put it in the mixer,
Add some sugar,
Or some honey,
The fruit juice is yummy !

Maharaj -
Sab phalon ko kaato,
mixie me daalo,
shehedh ya shakkar daalo,
sab bachchon ko pilaao!

Cup of Juice -
Fruit Juice is healthy,
Builds up kids healthy body,
Gives them lot of energy ,
Kids will drink within a wink !

Ras ka Pyaala -
Sab phalon ka ras piyo,
Thandrusth ban jaao,
sab bachchon ko yeh achchaa lage,
jhut se voh ras ko pee jaaye !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Elephant and the Tailor

Once upon a time there was a baby elephant, who lived with its mother in the mountain side.
The baby elephant liked to eat banana.

One day it went with its mother to the market.
They passed through a tailor shop, where the tailor was with his customer.

The tailor was cutting a cloth using his inch tape, scissors.
The tailor gave a banana to the baby elephant.
Everyday the baby elephant went to the tailor and asked for banana.
The tailor also gave . The baby elephant ate the banana and walked happily .
Since the elephant came everyday for banana, the tailor became angry .

So, the tailor decided that when the elephant will come the next day, he will 
insert a needle into the banana.
The next day, he gave the banana with needle to the elephant .

The needle hurt the baby elephant's tounge and it was bleeding.
It cried and its tears flowed down like a river.
The baby elephant cried and told its mother about the bad tailor.
The mother elephant got angry and took a hockey stick to beat up the tailor. 
The tailor was beaten up by the mother elephant and the shop was ruined. The tailor cried and asked sorry.
Thereafter the tailor understood his mistake and became a very nice man .
The baby elelphant lived happily with its mother.

The moral of the story is,
"Dont hurt anybody. In return you will be hurt. Be happy and make everybody happy."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nadhipur ki Kahani -in hindi

Nadhipur Ki Kahani
The kids can use this story for enacting on stage.
I have written this story in hindi below.
This story is in English in this same blog, The Town of Nadhipur
It includes 15 characters. I am telling this story in drama style.
The characters are
1. Story Teller #1
2. Story teller #2
3. Common Person CP#1
4. Common Person CP#2
5. character 1
6. character 2
7. character 3
8. Nadhi ki machlee
9. nagarvaasi #1
10. nagarvaasi #2
11. nagarvaasi #3
12. Maharaja
13. Maharani
14. Manthri
15. Moral Teller

Story Teller #1
Nadhipur Ki Kahani
Aao sunthe hein nadhipur ki kahani,
uskaa ek thaa raja, ek thi rani,
unke raajya mein na thaa paani !

CP #1
na thaa paani? kya karan hai?

character 1
Ek samay  thee ek nadhi,
sundhar aur paani se bhari

CP #1
phir kyaa huaa?

character 2
pur lOgOn ne daala,
paani mein kachda.

character 3
aur nahin kiya nadhi ki safayee,
phir nadhi ban gayee gandhi naali.

hai ram, phir ?

Nadhi ki machalee
mujhe gandhi paani nahin chaahiye,
mein is nadhi ko chOdke jaa rahi hoon.

CP #2
thabse ,us nadhi mein machliyaan nahin rahin

Nagarvaasi #1
is gandhe paanni ko kaise pee sakthe hein ?
hum is nagar ko chOdke jaa rahe hein.

CP #2
Ab, is samasyaa ko log, maharaj ke paas le jaathe hein

kya karen manthriji?
nadhi ki paani gandhi ho gayi

maharaj, lOgOn se kehna hai
ki paani mein kachda na daalen

maharaj, nagar mein baarish bhi nahin hai.
uska kya karenge aap ?

maharaj, lOgOn ne ghar banane ke liye
aur jalaaoo lakdi ke liye pade kaat daale

Maharaj -  lOgOn se poochthe hein
nagar vaasiyOn, is nagar ko rehne laayak kaise banaa sakthe hein ?

Nagarvaasi #2
maharaj, aaj se, nadhi mein kachda nahin daalenge

Nagarvaasi #3
hum naye ped aur rakhenge, thab, baarish aayegi

CP #2
kuch maheenOn baadh, nadhipur ki dhashaa

Story teller #2
nadhipur ki nadhi saaf hai,
naye ped baddhe, baarish barsi,
machliyaan phir se aa gayeen,
nagarvaasi khush thhey!

Moral Teller
is kahaani se hum seekhthhe hain ki,
paani ko apavithra na karen aur
pEdOn ko naa Kaaten !

(Moral of the story is
Save trees and Don't pollute water !)

Please post your comments if you use my stories or rhymes on stage !
Thanks in advance !

The Town of Nadhipur

Come kids, lets listen to the story of the Town of Nadhipur,

There was a King and a Queen, but there was no water.
Oh ! no water ?
Yes, but once , there was a beautiful river and it always had lots of water.

Then what happened to the water ?

The people of that town threw garbage into the water and made it dirty.
They didn't clean up the river and it turned into a ditch.

The fish who lived in that river said, "we can't live in this dirty water " .
So, we are leaving this river.

People too did not have clean water to drink.
They didn't realize that it was their mistake.

The problem is addressed to the King.

The King asks his minister , "What is the solution to this problem , minister ?
The river has become dirty and there is no drinking water ."

The minister says, "Respected King, People have polluted the river water ."

Then, the Queen too says, "Rspected King, there is no rain in the town.
What is the solution for that ?"

The Minister says, " Respected King, the people have cut down trees for
building houses and for firewood. That is why there is no rain ."

The King asks the people, "What are you going to do to save the town?
You polluted the river water and cut down the trees.
Now, we don't have rain and drinking water in the town."

The people one by one say,
"We will not pollute the water and put garbage into the river water."
"We will not cut down trees, instead we will plant new trees ."

After some months, the town of Nadhipur became very beautiful with many new trees,
and the river was all cleaned up.
The people never polluted the water and they never cut down trees.
The fish came back to live in the river.
There was enough rain in the town.

Moral of the story is " Save trees and don't pollute water !"
"Save water , save earth "

Friday, March 23, 2012

Temples and Prasadams

Happy Ugadi to all !
My grandma told me about the speciality of prasadams of some temples. So, I thought to share with
all of you .

Tirupathi Venkateswara Temple -
The prasadams are laddu, vadai ,pongal, etc... All the prasadams are made out of  pure ghee and whole pepper. They don't use red chillies or oil.  The reason behind this
is that, once, Sri Venkateswara got hurt on his chin. So, his mother Vagullamaalika asked the  cook to use only ghee.

Udipi Krishna Temple - 
The lord can be worshipped only through a window with nine hole , called the "Navagraha Kitiki".
The God himself goes to the Madapalli , where the neivedyam / prasadam  is cooked.

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple -
There is free food for everybody everyday. So, only after everybody eats , the neivedyam is given for the Goddess. She is like the mother of all, like mothers at home eat after every member in the family has eaten the food.
Even after the neivedyam is offered to the Goddess, the remaining food is
tied up in a big bundle and hung on a tree outside the temple. The reason being , that even if robbers come, they should have food and should not return hungry.

In Kerala, in the madapalli (kitchen) in all temples, they use only coconut fibre (தேங்காய் நார்) to burn the stove to cook prasadams.

In Uppiliyappar Temple, (Vishnu temple) there will be no salt added to all the prasadams.

In Pazhani Murugan Temple, Panchamritham is the very famous and special prasadam. They use only malai vazhaippazham for making the prasadam.

will continue .......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thiruppaavai - song 4 & 5

Today is Vaikunta Ekadasi . Let Sri Perumaal and Aandaal bless all of us !
Song 4  -
Aazhi mazhaikkannaa ondru nee kaikaravEl
AazhiyuL pukku mugandhu kodarthEri
Oozhi mudhalvan uruvam pOl meikaruththup
Paazhiyan thOLudaip parpanaaban kaiyil
AazhipOl minni valampuripOl nindru adhirndhu
thaazhaadhE Saarangam udhaiththa sara mazhaipOl
Vaazha ulaginil peidhidaai naangaLum
Maargazhi neeraada magizhnthElOr embaavai .


Please obey our wishes,
Oh rain God who comes from the sea,
Enter the sea, please, and bring water to your fill,
And with zest and sound take it up,
And like the God of the deluge become black,
And shine like the holy wheel in the hands,
Of The God Padmanabha who has powerful biceps,
And make booming pleasing sounds,
Like the right spiraled conch,
And rain with out stop like the arrow storm,
From Saranga the bow of Vishnu and descend on us,
To make this world happy,
And to help us take bath in month of Margahzhi,

Song 5  -

Maayanai maNNu vadamadurai mainthanaith
Thooyaperuneer yamunaith thuRaivanai
Aayar kulaththinil thOndrum ANiviLakkaith
Thaayaik kudal viLakkam seitha damOtharanaith
ThooyOmaai vandhu naam thoomalar thoovith thozhudhu
Vaayinaal paadi manaththinaal sindhikkap
POya pizhaiyum pugutharuvaan nindranavum
Theeyil thoosaagum seppElO rembaavaai.


To Him the enchanter of all,
To Him the son of Mathura in the north,
To Him who played and frolicked,
In the shores of holy Yamuna,
To Him who is the ornamental lamp,
Of the family of cow herds,
And to the Damodhara who made,
His mothers womb holy,
We came after a holy bath,
And offered pure flowers at his feet,
And sang with our mouth,
And brought the thoughts of him in our mind,
And we were sure,
That all our mistakes of the past,
And all that we will do in future,
Will vanish as ashes in fire,