Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thiruppaavai - song 3

This is the 3rd song from Thiruppaavai

3. Ongi ulagaLandha uththaman pErpaadi
    naangaL nam paavaikkuch chaatri neer aadinaal,
    theengindri naadellaam thingaLmum maaripeidhu
    Ongu perunj chenne loodu kayal ugaLap
    poonkuvaLaip pOdhil poRivandu kaNpaduppa,
    ThEngaadhE pukkirundhu seertha mulaipatri
    vaangak kudam niRaikkum vaLLal perumpasukkaL
    neengaadha selvam niRaindhElO rembaavai


If we sing the praise of Him,
Who grew big and measured the world,
And worship our Goddess Pavai,
Then would there be at least three rains a month,
And the red paddy plants would grow big,
And in their fields would the fish swim and play,
And the spotted bees after sipping honey,
To their hearts content,
Would sleep in the flower themselves
After having their fill,
And the cows with big udder
Would fill milk pots to the brim,
And healthy cows and never diminishing wealth,
Would fill the country,
And all this I assure by our vratham / practice.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thiruppaavai - song 2

 This is the second song from thiruppaavai

2.  Vaiyaththu vaazhveergaaL ! naamum nampaavaikkuch
     cheiyum kirisaigaL kELeerO ! paaRkadaluL
     paiyath thuyindra paraman adi paadi,
     neiyuNOm ; paaluNOm ; naatkaalai neeraadi
     maiyitt tezhudhOm ; malarittu naam mudiyOm;
     seiyaa dhanaichcheiyOm ; theekkuRaLaich chendrOdhOm;
     iyamum pichchaiyum aandhanaiyum kaikaatti
     uyyumaa ReNNi  ugandhElO rembaavaai.


Oh, people of this world,
Be pleased to hear of those penances,
That we daily do for the worship of Pavai,
We will sing of those holy feet,
Of Him who sleeps in the ocean of milk,
We will not take the very tasty ghee,
We will avoid the health giving milk,
We will daily bathe before the dawn,
We will not wear any collyrium to the eye,
We will not tie flowers in our hair,
We will not do Any act that is banned,
We will not talk ill of any to any one else,
We will give alms and do charity,
As much as we can,
And do all those acts to make others free of sorrow,
This is our Vratham (Pavai).

the songs will continue....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegetable Rhymes in Hindi and Tamil

This posting is related to the story Vegetable Town in this same blog.  
I have created a 2 line rhyme for some vegetables, chef, soup bowl... which are the characters in 
the story of Vegetable Town.
Of course , i have written the rhymes in Hindi,and Tamil , but with English translation.

Tamil -
thakkaalli - 
naan gundu  gundu thakkaalli,
sivappu nira thakkaalli            
ennai pachaiyaaga thinnaalaam,
samaithu kooda thinnalaam

(I am a  red fat tomato, u can eat it in salad or cooked.)

Hindi -
tamaatar -
mein hoon mota laal tamaatar,
kacha ya paka khaao tamaatar.
(I am a fat red tomato, u can eat it fresh in salad or cooked.)

Tamil - PattaaNi

muthu muthaai pattaaNi
pinju pachai pattaaNi
ondru ondraa pappaavum
eduthu eduthu thinnumE.
(These are pearls of peas, fresh and green, the kid will eat it one by one.)

Matar -
mein hoon thaaza hara matar,
khao usko salad mein
bimari jaye pahad mein
(I am a fresh and green peas, if you eat in a salad, your illness will go to hell)

Tamil -  KaaLaaN,
Kudai kudaiyaa kaaLaaN,
kutti kutti kudaigaL,
thinna thinna aasai.
 (These mushrooms are seen in bunches of mini umbrellas, want to eat it more when you see them more.)

Hindi -
chhatrak -
chhatrak hai ek choti chhatri
usko khoob khaao aur karo masti
(Mushroom is a small umbrella, eat it as much as you want  and have fun.)

Tamil - mullangi
vellai  sivappu mullangi,
neer saththu mikkaadhu,
ellOrum sappittu,

nalangaLai petriduvOm.
(Radish is white and red , with lots of water content , lets all eat and benefite from it.)

mooli -
mein hoon pyari safed mooli
yeh milti hai laal,gulabi aur bainganee.
(I am a sweet white radish, it is available in red,pink and purple colours.)

5.(green capsicum)
Tamil - Kudai miLagai
Pachai kudai millagai,
Idhu miga kaaramaana millagai.
 (This is a green bell pepper, it is very hot like a chillie.)

Hindi - 
shimla mirch -

mein hoon hara shimla mirch,
aur  ek mota theeka mirch.
(I am a green capsicum, and a fat hot chillie.)

6.( Potato)
Tamil -  uruLai kizhangu
Naan oru uruLai kizhangu,
thinamum porithu saapittaal,
aavOm naamum gundu...
 (I am a fat potato, if we fry and eat it everyday, we will become fat too.)

hindi - 
aaloo -
mein hoon bhoora mota aaloo
mujhe banao dum aaloo .
(I am a brown fat potato, cook into a dum aaloo)

 Tamil  - Vengaayam -
vellai , sivappu vengaayam,
kaN eriyum Vengaayam,
Kanneer varum idhai vettinaal,
suvai varaum idhai samaithaal.!
(White and Red onions,irritates our eyes and tears rolls down when we cut it, but will give taste to the dish we cook.)

Hindi  - pyaaj -
mera naam hai pyaaj,
par mujhse nahin bhujthi pyaaz
(My name is Onion, (Pyaaj)but it will never  quench our thirst(Pyaaz) )

8. (Brinjal)
Tamil - Kathirikkaai
naan oru gundu kathirikkaai,
pachai paavaadai anniyum,
kulla kulla kathirikkaai.
(I am a short and fat brinjal,i wear a green skirt. )

Hindi - baingan -
mein hoon ek pyaari mOti baingan
pahanthee hoon ek hari lahengaa
(I am a sweet and fat brinjal, and i wear a  pretty green skirt.)

9. (Carrot)
Tamil - Carrot
sivappu inippu carrot,
kannai kaakkum carrot,
thinamum carrot sappidungaL,
Nalamaai neengallum vazhungaL.
(Sweet red carrot, saves our eyes, if you eat it everyday, you can live healthy.)

Hindi  - Gaajar -

mein hoon naarangi gaajar,
sab bachhon kaa pyaraa rasdaar gaajar.
(I am an orange carrot, favourite to all kids)

10. (Red Chillies)
 Tamil - sivappu millagai
sivappu  kaara millagaai,
idhu illayenil samayal illai.

 (this is a red hot chillie, if it is not there, there is no cooking.)

Hindi - Laal Mirch -

yeh hai mirchi laal mirch
iske bina nahin bantha khaana kuch
(This is a hot red chillie, it is used in all the recipes.)

11. (Carrot Car )
Tamil - carrot vandi
naan oru carrot vandi,
ellOrum vaanga idhilE,
ullaasamai selvOm.
(This is a carrot car, come everybody, let's go zoom..)

Hindi - gaajar gaadi -
Mein hoon gaajar gaadi
sabko zoom kar le jaathee  gaadi
(This is a carrot car, come everybody, let's go zoom..)

12. (Chef)
Tamil - samayalkaarar
naan oru samayalkaaran,
ella kaayum koNdu ,
suvaiyaana soopu samaithu tharuvEn.
(I am a cook, i cook a delicious soup of all the vegetables.)

hindi -  Mahaaraj -
mein hoon ek mashoor mahaaraj
banaatha hoon in sabziyon ka soop mazedaar
(I am a cook, i cook a delicious soup of all the vegetables.)

13. (Soup Bowl)
Tamil - soop
Naan oru soop kOpai,
ennai kudithaal, ellOrum ,
aaveergaL  saththaana moottai.
(I am a soup bowl, if you drink me, you will become a healthy sack!)

Hindi - soop ki katori -
mein hoon mazedaar soop ki katori
mujhe piyoge tho banoge sehath ki thijori
(I am a tasty bowl of soup, if you drink me, you will be a healthy locker.)

I hope this is useful and i am happy too to create these rhymes myself.