Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thiruppaavai song 1

From this post onwards, the 30 songs from thiruppaavai will be posted.

1. mArgazhi thingaL madhiniraindha nannaaLAAl
    Neeraada pOdhuveer ! pOdhuminOr nErizhaiyeer!
    Seermalgumaai paadich chelva sirumeergaaL !
    KoorvEl Kodunthozhilan NandhagOpan kumaran,
    Eraandha kaNNi yasOdhai iLLanchingam ,
    KaarmEni sengkaNN kadhirmadhiyam pOlmugathAAn
    NaaraayananE , namakkE paRaitharuvAAn,
    PaarOr pugazhap padinthElOr embaavaai  .


In this month of Marghazhi,
On this day filled with the light of moon,
Come for bathing,
Oh ladies who are richly dressed,
And Oh ladies in rich homes of cowherds,
For he with the sharp spear,
He who kills his enemies without mercy,
He who is the son of Nanda gopa,
He who is the darling son of Yasodha,
Who wore scented flower garlands,
He who is a lion cub,
He who is pretty in black colour,
He who has small red eyes,
He who has a face like the well-lit moon,
And He, who is our Lord Narayana,
Is going to give us big drums,
So that we bathe and that is our Pavai (Vratham or practice),

In a way that the whole world sings about.

will continue......

Friday, February 11, 2011

Panda's Trip to India

Panda's Trip to India

Once upon a time, there was a little Panda who lived in a forest in China.He lived with his mommy .

Panda's  mommy went to fetch bamboo trees for supper.

During the day, Panda played with his other animal friends and also  learned to drive a unicycle.
He learnt unicycling very soon. He could even carry a beautiful cake on one hand, while unicycling.

In the evenings, he played with his other friends snake, monkey and scarlet macaw.

One day, he wanted to visit India to see Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world.
So, he went with his mommy and friends to India on a vacation.

In India, during a visit to a national park, he met a tiger and another baby panda, who were best friends, who played together and also fought with each other. He was surprised to see a baby panda in India. The  baby Panda and the baby tiger, also wanted to come along with Panda to China.

So, they all went back together to  China , and lived happily ever after in the African jungles !!

Thirukkural 41 - 50

II. இல்லறவியல் (அதிகாரம் 5-24)
(1) இல்வாழ்க்கை (Family life)

Verse 41 He alone may be called a householder who supports Those students, elders and renunciates pursuing well their good paths.
இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் இயல்புடைய மூவர்க்கும்
நல்லாற்றின் நின்ற துணை.
(Ilvaazhvaan enbaan iyalbudaiya moovarkkum
nallaatrin nindra thuNai)

Verse 42 The virtuous householder supports the needs Of renunciates, ancestors and the poor.
துறந்தார்க்கும் துவ்வா தவர்க்கும் இறந்தார்க்கும்
இல்வாழ்வான் என்பான் துணை
(Thurandhaarkkum thuvva thavarkkum iRandhaarkkum
ilvaazhvaan enbaan thuNai).

Verse 43 The foremost duty of the householder is to duly serve these five: God, guests, kindred, ancestors and himself.
தென்புலத்தார் தெய்வம் விருந்தொக்கல் தானென்றாங்கு
ஐம்புலத்தாறு ஓம்பல் தலை
( thenpulathaar deivam virunthokkal thaanendraangu
AimpulaththaaRu Ombal thalai).

Verse 44 Gathering wealth without misdeeds and sharing meals without miserliness, The householder's posterity will never perish.
பழியஞ்சிப் பாத்துண் உடைத்தாயின் வாழ்க்கை
வழியெஞ்சல் எஞ்ஞான்றும் இல்
( pazhiyanjip paaththuN udaiththaayin vaazhkai
vazhiyenjal egnyaandrum il).

Verse 45 When family life possesses love and virtue, That is both its essence and fruition.
அன்பும் அறனும் உடைத்தாயின் இல்வாழ்க்கை
பண்பும் பயனும் அது

(anbum aRanum udaiththaayin ilvaazhkai 

paNbum payanum adhu)

Verse 46 If a man masters the immeasurable myriad householder's duties, What further merits could a monk's duties mission bring?
அறத்தாற்றின் இல்வாழ்க்கை யாற்றின் புறத்தாற்றிற்
போஒய்ப் பெறுவது எவன்

Verse 47 Among those who strive for liberation, the foremost are they Who live the blessed state of family life as it should be lived.
 இயல்பினான் இல்வாழ்க்கை வாழ்பவன் என்பான்
முயல்வாருள் எல்லாம் தலை
(iyalbinaan ilvaazhkai vaazhbavan enbaan 
 muyalvaaruL ellaam thalai)

Verse 48 The householder dedicated to duty and to aiding Ascetics on their path of penance endures withstands more than they.
 ஆற்றின் ஒழுக்கி அறனிழுக்கா இல்வாழ்க்கை
நோற்பாரின் நோன்மை உடைத்து.
(Aatrin  ozhukki aRanizhukkaa ilvaazhkai
NoRpaarin  Nonmai udaiththu).

Verse 49 Domestic life is rightly called virtue. The monastic path, Rightly lived beyond blame, is likewise good.
அறன் எனப் பட்டதே இல்வாழ்க்கை அஃதும்
பிறன்பழிப்ப தில்லாயின் நன்று.
(ARan enap pattadhe ilvaazhkai ahdhum
piRanpazhippa thillaayin nandru).