Monday, January 24, 2011

விநாயகர் கவசம் (Vinayagar kavacham / Ganesh Armour Mantra)

விநாயகர் கவசம் 

Ganesh Kavacham is a special mantra which is believed to protect all the parts of the body . There is a  separate mantra for each part of  the body . First, this kavasam was written by Kaasiba Munivar. Later, he told this with blessings to Maandaviya Munivar. And then, it passed on to many munivars(saints).
Everyday, after bath,if you sit in a clean place and think about Vinayagar(Ganesha) and say this mantra (prayer), you will definitely attain the blessings of Lord Ganesha and be healthy.                   
Instead of me writing the vinayagar kavasam , there is a wonderful youtube  video of the kavasam which  has the words in English and a person says the mantra in tamil . You can follow it and learn it very easily.
Here is the link 
May everybody get the blessings of Lord Ganesha .                                                                          

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bollee and his friends


In a jungle in Africa, there lived many elephants. In that, lived a cute little baby elephant Bollee, with his mommy Mollee and daddy Dollee.  They went to the river everyday to have bath with the other elephant families.

Bollee played in the mud near the river with his friends Tollee , Kollee and Tiny. Kollee had a baby sister named Sally. The friends played in the water and sprayed water on each other . Then, they had bath and were all squeaky clean! The whole day Bollee, Tollee, Kollee and Tiny played in the jungle and they kept races to see who breaks a branch from the trees first. They ate seedlings when the felt hungry.

They composed a group song , which goes like this ....

Naughty Bollee has 3 friends,
who play in the river and sand !
They are four in all,
who make the tree branches fall !
They eat bamboo and banana
and are darlings to their mama!

Dollee (Bollee's Dad), Tody (Tollee's Dad), Kody (Kollee's Dad) and Tiko (Tiny's Dad) all go to the  mill, where they work. Their work is to lift heavy logs and load them on the conveyor belt . The wood goes to the chopping machine , from which various furnitures like table, chair , stool, are made.

One day, while Tiko was working in the saw mill, a huge log fell on his trunk, and he got hurt very badly all over his body. His trunk was bleeding. Immediately Dollee and Tody called the doctor Dock and the first aid was done.

The doctor put bandages everywhere and said Tiko should take rest for one month for recovery. So, Tiko's friends worked Tiko's job also in the mill.

Mollee (Bollee's Mom), Tally (Tollee's Mom), Kally (Kollee's Mom), Siko (Tiny's Mom) were all friends. They all went into the jungle everyday to pick up some bamboo shoots, seedlings, stems and leaves for their family to eat. Siko was pregnant , she went to Dock's clinic to check her weight every month.

On the way back from the Dock's clinic,  she fell down in a hole and got caught inside the hunter's Jack's net . Immediately her friends called their husbands and somehow rescued Siko safely. But she started getting pain and was hurried to the clinic again.

There she delivered a girl baby elephant. All the elephants were happy. They named her Shiny. Tiny was proud to be the big brother of Shiny.

After a few months , Shiny and Sally became close friends. They were always with their moms. They are girls after all , unlike their brothers.The girls always loved to do Cha-Cha dance together, by singing this lovely song......

Shiny and Sally,
are friends who are girlies! 
Who dressed up with the coconut leaves 
And danced for the Cha-Cha beats !

Tiko , Tiny's Dad recovered and started to go back to work . All the elephant families were happy.
They all lived happily together ever after.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vegetable Stories - Vegetable Town

Next to Mr.Plump's town there was a Vegetable Town.
In that vegetable town, Carrots lived in Carrot house, Tomatoes in
tomato house,and there were other houses too like Pumpkin house,
Lemon house,Broccoli house, Pepper house and so on...............
All the vegetables had to cook their own meal by taking turns.

One day it was the Mushroom family's turn to pick some fresh vegetables to cook.
But Miss Mushroom was so lazy to go by walk. So, she asked the Carrot to give her a ride in his car.
The smily carrot was ready to help the lazy mushroom.

 From the Mushroom's family, Miss Mushroom was all ready to go with her handbag.
So, it took it Super Jet Carrot Car and went off zoooooooooooom.........

They picked a wheelbarrow full of fresh vegetables and they tied it to their Super Jet Carrot Car and finally came home.
Then quickly they arranged all the vegetables on the kitchen table.
It was radish's turn to cook.After he finished cutting the vegetables,he felt tired.

He was sweating and so was fanning for himself without cooking.

The tomato was dying with hunger .
She was angry with the radish for taking so much time to cook. 
Then finally Mr.Radish cooked the meal.
He had prepared a yummy and healthy vegetable soup, roasted the
autumn vegetables and stir fried the broccoli, carrot,cauliflower........ too.

 Even the baby peas came out of their pod to have the yummy meal and ate very nicely. 
The turnip and lettuce were happy to eat such a delicious meal.

The yellow pepper drank up all the soup.Then all the vegetables
had a good nap.The turns will continue......

Monday, January 10, 2011

Listen to Parents

Listen to Parents- Dont go near stove!!


There was a house in a town, where a happy family , Ramu , Sita and Suresh lived.
In a small hole in that large house, there lived a mouses' family, mommy, daddy and baby mouse.
Every morning daddy mouse went in search of food for his family.
Mousie , the baby mouse and its mommy were at home.
Mommy cooked yumy dishes for Mousie. Mousie liked cheese !!

One day while playing, it saw a piece of cheese on the dining table of the large house.
 Yes, the mouse saw the
little boy Suresh eating cheese sandwich .
Mmm.... Yummmmy ....  thought Mousie.
It wanted to eat that cheese slice.So, it went into the house and then under the dining table.
Then , Mousie heard the cooker's  whistle sound in the kitchen. YES,... Suresh's mom was cooking .
She was also frying french fries !! suresh loves to eat french fries.


Mom gave some hot french fries to Suresh and said that she was going to have bath .
She warned him not to touch or go near the Stove, because the frying pan and oil is hot.
It is dangerous to go near the stove. Suresh said OK  MOM.....

But after mom went, he was so curious to go to the kitchen.  He has asked mom so many times
if he can help her in cooking . But mom said,  NO !!! So, now, since mom is not there, he wanted
to fry some french fries and experiment cooking.

The Mousie was watching all this . It wanted to eat the cheese slice. So, when Suresh went to the kitchen,
Mousie grabbed the cheese slice and ran away into his hole.

Now, Suresh went to the kitchen and  switched on the stove . He took a few french cut potatoes and put them in the oil.
He threw them in the oil so hard that the hot oil splashed on his face. He screamed for help.

Mom came running and saw Suresh. She didnt scold or scream at him.
She splashed some cold water on Suresh's face and took him to the doctor immediately.

Suresh was taken care of by the doctor and of course his parents.


What do children learn from this story?


All the time when mom restricts the kids from going near the hot stove and cooking, kids' minds grow more curious about this.
They don't understand the reality and the results  from that.

Kids should understand one thing.

"Mom and Dad always care for their kids and want to be extra cautious " !



Parent Tip :  The kindergartners will find it easy to remember the vowels, after you read it to them.


Once , there was a small boy named Ram.  He went to kindergarten in a private school.
There, they taught him about the vowels, and its usage.

But Ram got confused about the consonants and the vowels.
So, his mother Seema, told him a trick to remember the vowels easily.

Since Ram loved all kinds of animals, she went on his path itself.  She asked him if he liked 5 animals , ie. , Alligator , Elephant,  Iguana,  Octopus  and Unicorn .

On hearing these animals' names itself, Ram was excited.  Then Seema told him to remember the starting letter of all the
animals, ie. A, E , I , O , !!
That's it. Ram understood what his mother was going to say. 

Yes.... from that time onwards, he remembered the vowels by the 5 starting letter of the animals'  names.

After reading this story, i hope that all parents will feel it easy to make their children learn the vowels easily.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DEIVEEGA PAADAL ONLINE: Thirukkural 31 - 40

DEIVEEGA PAADAL ONLINE: Thirukkural 31 - 40

Thirukkural 31 - 40

(4) அறன் வலியுறுத்தல் ( Assertion of Virtue's Power)

Verse 31 Virtue yields heaven's honor and earth's wealth. What is there then that is more fruitful for a man?
சிறப்புஈனும் செல்வமும் ஈனும் அறத்தினூஉங்கு
ஆக்கம் எவனோ உயிர்க்கு.

(sirappu eenum  selvamum eenum aRathinoounga
Akkam evanO uyirkku.)

Verse 32 There is nothing more rewarding than virtue, Nor anything more ruinous than its neglect.
அறத்தினூஉங்கு  ஆக்கமும் இல்லை அதனை
மறத்தலின் ஊங்கில்லை கேடு.
(aRathinooungu Akkamum illai adhanai 

maRaththalin  oongillai kEdu.)

Verse 33 Be unremitting in the doing of good deeds. Do them with all your might and by every possible means.
ஒல்லும் வகையான் அறவினை ஓவாதே
செல்லும்வா யெல்லாஞ் செயல்.
(ollum vagaiyaan aRavinai OvaadhE

sellumvaa yellanj cheyal.)

Verse 34 Keep the mind free of impurity. That alone is the practice of virtue. All else is nothing but empty display. 
மனத்துக்கண் மாசிலான் ஆதல் அனைத்துஅறன் 
ஆகுல நீர பிற.

(manththukkaN maasilaan Aadhal anaithuaRan
Agula neera piRa.)

Verse 35 Virtue is living in such a way that one does not fall into these four- Envy, anger, greed and unsavory speech.
அழுக்காறு  அவாவெகுளி இன்னாச்சொல் நான்கும்
இழுக்கா இயன்றது அறம்.

(azhukkaaRu avaaveguLLi Innaach chol naangum
izhukkaa iyandrathu aRam.)

Verse 36 Don't tell yourself tomorrow you'll be wise enough to practice virtue. Do it now for it will be your deathless companion when you die.
அன்றறிவாம் என்னாது அறம் செய்க மற்றது
பொன்றுங்கால் பொன்றாத் துனை.
(AndrarivOm ennaathu aRam seiga matradhu

ponRungaal pondraath  thunai.)

Verse 37 It is decidedly unnecessary to inquire about virtues' benefits, So evident in the difference between the palanquin's rider and bearer.
அறத்தாறு இதுவென வேண்டா சிவிகை
பொறுத்தானோடு ஊர்ந்தான் இடை .
(aRaththaaRu idhuvena vEndaa sivigai
poRuththaanOdu oorndhaan idai.)

Verse 38 Allowing not a day to pass without doing some good is a boulder That will block your passage on the path to future benefits.
வீழ்நாள் படாஅமை நன்றாற்றின் அஹ்தொருவன்
வாழ்நாள் வழியடைக்குங் கல்.

(veezhnaaLL padaa amai nandraatrin ahthoruvan
vaazhnaaLL vazhiyadaikkung  kal .)

Verse 39 Virtuous deeds alone yield true joy. All other deeds, deprived of dignity, earn naught and end in sorrow.
அறத்தான் வருவதே இன்பம்மற் றெல்லாம்
புறத்த புகழும் இல.

(aRaththaan varuvadhE inbam matrellaam
puRaththa pugazhum ila.)

Verse 40 Virtue is merely that which should be done, And vice is merely that which men avoid in life.
செயற்பால தோறும் அறனே ஒருவற்கு
உயற்பால தோரும் பழி .

(seyaRpaala  thORum aRanE oruvaRkku
uyaRpaala thOrum pazhi.)

Thiruppaavai contd- 3

Continued ......
As days passed by she Kodhai grew up into a beautiful young girl. Periyaazhvaar told stories about how
God came to help people in need. She also believed that God will help her too , when she will be in need of any help.

Periyaazhvaar made a beautiful garland every morning for the lord . Kodhai liked that garland and so,
everyday before taking the garland to the temple, she wore it and looked at her beauty in the mirror.
Noone knew about this including Periyaazhvaar. But one day, he saw Kodhai wearing the garland and was
shocked.  He cried and apologised in front of God and so did Kodhai for doing this mistake.

Then, Periyaazhvaar hurrily made another garland for Lord Kannan. That night, Thirumaal came in his dream and asked why he put a scentless garland for him. Then he told about the goodness of Kodhai and
asked to put the garland worn by Kodhai only everyday for him. From that day onwards, Kodhai became

Aandaal always thought about Lord  Kannan and felt happy. She kept Paavai Nombu (prayer) all the time. Aandaal sang 30 songs  about this nombu (prayer), which is called "THIRUPPAAVAI ".

When she reached the age of getting married, she wanted to marry the Lord ! But her father did not believe in this .  But Aandaal strongly believed this would happen. One night, Sri Ranganathar  came in
Vishnuchithar's dream and told him to give his daughter in marriage.Then, Vishnuchithar  along with  Aandaal and  Pandya Kingdom's King ' Srivallaban' , went to  Srirangam.

Meanwhile, Lord Ranganathan came in his priest's dream and told him about Aazhvar and Aandal 's arrival in Srirangam and asked him to welcome them. The priest informed this to all the people in Srirangam and so, all were waiting to welcome Aandal.

When all three of them reached Srirangam, Aandaal saw and touched the feet of Sri Ranganathan with tears in her eyes. Immediately, she vanished. Srirangan had accepted her within himself. This way, Aandal was born as a human (Kodhai) and later was worshipped as  Aandal .

Aandal says an easy way to get the blessings of Lord. It is the pure heart and mind which you need to  worship God and not money !! Aandal 's songs "Naachiyaar Thirumozhi " has taken its place in "Naalaayira Divya Prabandham " .

I will be posting the 30 songs of Thiruppaavai soon.

I wish everyone a pure heart and mind ....